09 March, 2018
NNedre Home – одежда для дома
NNedre Home – одежда для дома

Коллекция домашней одежды NNedre Home – это очень личная история главного дизайнера Нелли Недре.

Это уже третья попытка запустить линейку для дома от NNedre. Всё стало получаться, когда мы встретили конструктора с образованием в нише разработки белья – Александру. Иименно она стала заниматься развитием NNedre Home. Александра, наш накопленный опыт, отлаженная работа производства – всё вместе дало нам быстрый старт к запуску коллекции.

Одновременно нашлись и подходящие материалы, вписывающиеся в представления Нелли о том, из чего должна быть одежда для дома, которая максимально соприкасается с нашим телом и позволяет чувствовать себя уверенно и комфортно. Подробнее о них:

Хлопковый трикотаж для базового нижнего белья, в котором можно ходить как в спортзал, так и на деловую встречу, чувствуя себя при этом уверенно и комфортно.

Искусственный шелк для сорочек, который прекрасно подружится со стиральной машинкой, а вы будете спокойны за качество.

И пижамы из стопроцентного хлопка уверенно войдут в домашний гардероб любой девушки.

Всю линейку NNedre Home протестировала на себе Нелли, оттачивая форму и посадку под очень динамичный ритм жизни.

Мы верим, что нет предела совершенству, поэтому первую партию запускаем с расчетом на максимально обратную связь наших покупательниц, ведь эту линейку мы создали именно для вас!

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17 January, 2018

The exhibition #nnedrepeople is a joint project of the designer of the St. Petersburg clothing brand NNEDRE Nelly Nedre and the photographer Miti Ganopolsky. Love for art, St. Petersburg and people living in it: that all resulted in a whole photo project.

This is a story about minimalism and people who are close to the NNedre brand. Basic clothes is the foundation of any wardrobe, a kind of clean canvas, where everyone can create their own picture – this is the message that the brand is based on. Mitya Ganopolsky, in his turn, perfectly conveyed the personality and character of each participant in the photo project #nnedrepeople.

People, who took part in the project, were found almost by accident: one of the guys is working in a favorite bar, someone is a friend of the brand, and someone was watched by members of the filming team on the social networks . Participants of #nnedrepeople are ordinary residents of St. Petersburg, but each of them has its own characteristic features, which are the reason for inviting them to the project.

Clothes Nnedre in this project became a "reflector" of the characteristics of each participant. High-quality fabrics, comfortable fit allowed the guys to open before the camera, feel free.

Mitya Ganopolsky took photos of the participants of #nnedrepeople with a digital camera, and with black and white film. During the preparatory process for the exhibition, we realized that we will use not only the material photographed in digital format, but also film shots. Mixing of these formats perfectly conveys the special atmosphere and texture of each of the participants.

Adele and Kolya
We found Adele specifically for the project. Her unusual appearance immediately attracted Mitya and Nelly. We dreamed of taking photos with her in natural light! And it turned out very naturally. She is a very sweet and easy-going person.

Kolya is the best friend of the photographer, who organizes excursions on boats on the canals of St. Petersburg. Perhaps, he is the most artistic and romantic person of our project.

Sasha and Olya
Sasha, surprisingly, a make-up artist.But recently, she has become often photographed for local brands in St. Petersburg. During her work she managed to get acquainted with half of all young designers, and at the same time conquer men's hearts. We adore her for the most natural female beauty that you feel with goosebumps.

Olya has a diploma in psychology, but when she came to St. Petersburg several years ago, she found herself in photoshoots for local brands. Now she can be called a natural talent, despite her youthful appearance. Olga has already graduated from high school and perfectly feels before the lenses of the brightest photographers of our city.

Arina and Ruslan
We met Arina this summer in Paris. She is an actress and an extremely interesting person with a very unordinary personality. When we decided to make the project #nnedrepeople, she immediately got on our list.

Ruslan participated in one of the first shooting for NNedremen. This time we invited him, because he reflects as much as possible the image of the man who chooses our brand. He can be found at the Chronicles bar, which is located not far from our flagship store on Bascov Lane.

Roma and Andrey
Roma is the founder of one of the first clusters in the city - Quarter. Now his last project is the Berthold Center, one of the most fashionable spaces for young people in the city. In addition to his humble nature, Roma is just a great guy who promotes youth projects in St. Petersburg.

Nellie has known Andrei for 7 years. She worked with him when she was in Trailhead. He always helped her out on the shooting, and despite the fact that he is a very brutal man, Andrei is the most cute and responsive guy.

The project was made by:
Photographer: Mitya Ganopolsky
Makeup artist: Anna Ilver
Assistant: Daria Yarygina
Idea: Nelly Nedre, Mitya Ganopolsky

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10 December, 2017

Over the past year, with the advent of the flagship store NNedre on Bascov Lane 29, team has grown not only in production, but also in general. On the eve of the New Year we decided to talk about new young employees who are building our brand. Girls from 20 to 23 years old, and they already occupy important positions in the company NNedre. About how they went this way and who translates the code of the brand, we'll tell in this article.

This person was from the very appearance of the brand. Four years ago, she began with practice and assistance to chief designer Nelly Nedre, then Alena grew up to the second person in the company. Having no experience, she studied wholesales, worked as a store manager, was engaged in management and development of our new website. Now Alena has moved to Moscow and works with us as freelancer, answering for the online platform and its development. Having tried herself in many areas in the company, she found what is closest to her – the direction of it-technologies. We are very proud that every person who comes to NNedre can try himself in different areas and find something best for self-development.

Dasha A..
Dasha moved to St. Petersburg a little over a year ago and immediately got into NNedre. From the very opening of the store, it went through the dogs and the quicksand, literally. We had a fire, and a flood, and many more things. For this year, Dasha from the seller has grown to a manager of the store. Now she is teaching the store team to work efficiently and give themselves to the brand completely, just like her. After all, it's sellers who communicate most with our customers. She supports the team spirit and bears the image of NNedre's minimalism among the masses.

Rita came to our store with an opening, just as a seller. But we almost immediately saw in her the skills of a clear structured work and offered to try herself as a wholesale manager. For several months, Rita fully mastered the new position, and now she even has her own personal assistant. Wholesale trade accounts for 50% of NNedre's turnover. At 23, she is engaged in sending online orders, all the supplies of NNedre clothing to our flagship store and to all wholesale partners.

Dasha Ya..
Dasha got to the NNedre store at the beginning of last year. Working as a salesperson for almost six months, she gradually mastered the maintenance of NNedre content. She studies PR, so this summer we entrust to her all our external connections. Now, if you see a new project NNedre, he is in charge of Dasha (for example, the exhibition #nnedrepeople in our flagship store). In addition, she began to help our art director Victoria, and now Dasha is doing most of the shooting of NNedre. It's very cool that having passed many stages of work in the company, Dasha understands the brand from the inside and skillfully translates it through our content.

Our young employees are an excellent example of the fact that getting into the right place, making maximum efforts, you can quickly grow in the company. NNedre - is not only clothes, but also the people who create it, realize and visualize it. Teamwork, fresh youthful look and the ability to share the experience - this is what lies at the heart NNedre brand.

Happy New Year, #nnedreteam!

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05 December, 2017
One day with NNedre
One day with NNedre

Our brand NNedre soon turns 4 years old. And for good reason we say "our", because this name is a real team of professionals who are in love with their work. NNedre is a whole world with its own internal structure. The construction of this product is a great team work, thanks to that everything functions like a clock. The world of fashion is the most mobile industry, where it is necessary to react immediately to innovations, not to forget about the quality of the product and to develop constantly. We decided to tell you about the inherent processes that affect the development of the brand, as well as how important that each member of the team gives 100% to the company.

For example, the creation of a new collection in production. For NNedre, this is very important, where each model and detail is made before entering the store.

The process of creating a collection begins with the sketches of our chief designer Nelly Nedre. After that, together with the designer, all the details are spoken at the factory. Then, the main seamstress works through the product, in order to make it as convenient as possible to launch into circulation. Sometimes it takes 2-3 samples before the approval of the product. Only after that the model is launched into production, it is photographed for catalog on the site, for publications in the media and for our media resources.

The policy of NNedre is distinguished by its quivering attitude towards the visualization of the brand. We produce the shots ourselves, find locations and think through the concept together with the chief designer. We often work with creative people who understand our love for minimalism. A vivid example is the project #nnedrepeople, where we began to photograph people who are close to the spirit of our brand. Very soon we will present it to you in the format of the exhibition.

A little over a year ago we opened our first flagship store in St. Petersburg on Bascov Lane, 29. This place was our starting point and a space where we can share the philosophy of NNedre with the сustomer. In this place we experiment with a space, organize parties and communicate with customers and friends of the brand in an informal atmosphere, as well as we conduct lectures and even plan an exhibition. This approach allows not only to broadcast our ideology through clothes, but also to conduct a live dialogue with the customer.

The store team is immersed in the life of the brand. Many employees eventually occupy other positions in the company, thereby they recognize the brand better. This is very important, because they are the ones who receive the feedback from customers more than others, create statistics, collect the wishes of customers, contribute their ideas and thoughts. An it affects the development of NNedre.

In the store, there is also Nelly's office (it used to be located with the production and head office). It happened not by chance, after all our partners prefer to spend meetings in the shop, directly next to clothes which can be touched and tried on. Despite the fact that Nelly constantly moves between production and the store, much more often she can be found in a personal office behind a laptop, among books and sketches. It is a place where all the plans for the company's development come up and new projects are born.

We have a lot of ideas for brand development, it's not just clothes and accessories. Looking back, we understand what a great way we did, being a local brand, in just 4 years of work. What an amazing team united to create not only a quality product, but also something very kind and cozy. We will try to continue in the same spirit, try to become better and better for you!

Your #nnedreteam

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21 November, 2017
NNedre x Backyard
NNedre x Backyard

In St. Petersburg find a place where it will be comfortable and pleasant to do sports – the task is not simple. Today we want to talk about Backyard boxing & workout – an atmospheric gym for boxing and functional training in the city center, and our joint project.

We talked with the project manager Roman and asked him about boxing, plans for the future, and about his favorite clothes.

Tell us, please, how and why did you start cooperation with NNEDRE?

In February of last year, in the courtyard of the 47th house on Gorokhovaya street we opened the gym for boxing and functional training - Backyard. With Nelly we met at that period of time when she came to our classes. In the process of communication we became friends and I heard about the brand NNEDRE. Therefore, when there was a need for a quality merch for our customers, there were no questions about who can help with it.

Tell us about Baskyard, what is the main message? Why did you choose boxing as the main direction?

The main message is not only boxing, but sports in general. We want to inform people that the gym can be a place of "power", where like-minded people get together, where coaches are your friends, and studies are always fun. We want to create a solid community of people for whom sport is an integral part of life, like work, leisure and hobbies.

Why is boxing as one of the main activity?

Firstly, boxing is a great load on muscles and the right choice if you want to lose weight or become more well-shaped. Secondly, you will not be beaten or forced to show aggression, the technique of boxing and functional training take most of the time for beginners. Well, at last, it's really fascinating. You work in pairs, constantly in motion! Even 20 minutes of intense loads can cheer you up.

Thanks to boxing, you will stand firmly on your feet, hold a stab and get a perfect shape.

Describe Backyard in three words.

Atmosphere, team and people. The atmosphere is a thing due to which people come to us, the team is a thing due to which they stay. Well, people is all for what we work and go to our goals every day.

What is the ideal thing in your wardrobe?

Hoodie – a comfortable thing in motion and universal in the changing weather in St. Petersburg. It’s the product that we plan to release in the next collection with Nelly.

Sweatshirt NNedre x Backyard,
2 900 rub.

Sweatshirt NNedre x Backyard, 2 900 rub.

What new projects are expected in the future from Backyard?

Very soon we will open the long-awaited place in the Petrogradsky district, st. Malaya Zelenina,1. 250 m2 of steel, wood and concrete, windows to the floor, spacious areas for boxing and functional training. The same atmosphere, the same team, only in a new cool location.

Can you give advice to feel more cheerful in winter?

Universal, for all time: engage the mind and the body! Try to approach with a mind to all aspects of life: food, health or sports. Move more to avoid hibernation. About how physical activity helps to overcome melancholy and depression, thousands of articles have been written. I, in my turn, combine workout, boxing and stretching. This is what helps me to overcome the winter melancholy and keep myself toned.

T-shirt NNedre x Backyard,
2 200 rub.

T-shirt NNedre x Backyard, 2 200 rub.


All clothes can be purchased at the address: St. Petersburg, Gorokhovaya street, 47, Backyard boxing & workout

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23 August, 2017
NNedre о тканях. Осень'17
NNedre о тканях. Осень'17

The new NNedre collection is the image of an independent girl from the north. This time, the main designer Nelly preferred non-standard fabrics using cupro (the most luxurious kind of viscose, which is created from recycled bamboo or algae). Classic sweatshirt and dresses were complemented by a narrow, wind-proof standing collar. The hoodie's hood is even bigger, and the branded detail on the sleeves made of knitwear, which is put on the thumb of the hand, makes things even more cozy. The image is enhanced by the detail of the Nnedre – apron, which perfectly matches both trousers and the dress. For special reasons, the sky-blue color was chosen for new dresses, which perfectly reflects the color of the northern countries.

And now, in more detailed way, we will analyze the new fabrics that appeared in our assortment:

Сupro is a completely new fabric for NNedre. This is a premium kind of viscose, during the production of which bamboo, coconut fiber or algae are used. The material is processed using copper, which is why this material has a characteristic metallic luster. Сupro easily draped, like silk and perfectly passes air, it is also wear-resistant, thanks to this the fabric is excellent for both summer and winter dresses.

Polyester with velvet coating. This material without coating has been favorite for Nnedre in the manufacture of costume range for a long time. With our suppliers we have been working for almost a year and we are very satisfied. Premium polyester, which we use, perfectly behaves after a lot of washing, unpretentious in wearing and ironing. In this season we decided to use this material in our constant position-culottes, but this time with an unusual velvet coating that turns them from ordinary trousers into a unique wardrobe detail.

100% viscose. We turned to this material this summer and, having received a lot of positive feedback from customers, decided to use it in the autumn collection. The choice fell on black flowing viscose with white like a snow, small drops, which is ideal for a cocktail dress. We also expanded the colors of slip dress, including a pastel-pink color, which is relevant in the coming season. Viscose is the most environmentally friendly material among non-natural, because it is produced from recycled natural materials. At the same time, the fabric breathes well and has a flowing effect, moreover, it behaves unpretentiously even with machine washing.

Blended cotton. This material of Italian suppliers we use for more than six months and with each season, our collection added more positions from this fabric. Because of the high content of cotton, the dresses are comfortable to the body and good breathable. Also, thanks to the elastane in the composition, the material is more durable and perfectly stretches, and as a consequence, the products fit well on any figure.
This composition of the material can be called the most universal, when in the rhythm of a big city you want to feel maximum comfort and less think about the care of clothes.

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21 August, 2017
NNedre x Made in China
NNedre x Made in China

A huge number of places opens in St. Petersburg, but not all of them are unique. Today we want to talk about one really interesting place "Made In China" and our joint project.
his place opened in the very heart of Petersburg on August 4, on Bolshaya Morskaya Street, in the building of the exhibition center "Rosfoto".

«Made in China» is a joint project of WONG KAR WINE and Bekitzer, as well as the reincarnation of the place "Black China" on Bascov Lane. We took a small interview with Madina Kazhimova, the co-creator of this space, about how the work on the joint project "Made in China" x Nnedre was going on, what is worth waiting from the new space and, of course, about the favorite things in the wardrobe.

Tell us, please, how and why the cooperation with NNedre began, how long have you known our brand?

With Nelly, we've known each other for four years, since the moment of the creation the NNEDRE brand. We started cooperating last year, when we made the form for WONG KAR WINE. It was important that the clothes sit perfectly on people of any body type, and it was qualitative and without prints. The form should withstand the maximum amount of washings, but it should be unpretentious in care. When we took Nelly's first shirts, we realized that it was perfect and ordered it for the whole team, we have been cooperating since this moment.

Tell us about your new place, what is it worth waiting for?

Made in China is an Asian restaurant-bar, a joint project with Bekitzer. The idea is to get the maximum representation of ​​Asia in Petersburg. We have dishes of Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisine, no Thailand. Also, in our bar there is no European alcohol, except wine, only Asian drinks: the vodka is Korean, the coffee is Vietnamese, lemonade is Japanese and Chinese. This all gives the maximum representation for a person who is not familiar with Asia and would like to learn the oriental culture by trying food and drinks. In St. Petersburg there are no places where you can just come in the evening and try seven kinds of sake, choose for yourself the most interesting dish , drink, for example, Sodju with grapefruit. We think that this is interesting.

Why did you decide to unite in this place such projects as WONG KAR WINE and BEKITZER?

With the guys from Bekitzer, we've known each other for a very long time. Bekitzer is an original project, which is the Israeli core in St. Petersburg. It seems that the whole street of Rubinstein comes together there, and even in the "Bottle", which was opened quite recently, all seats are occupied not only in the evening but also in the afternoon. We like the atmosphere of this project and the business scheme is close to us . The Terminal, Shengen and Social Club (other projects from the creators of Bekitzer) are the ability to create a unique atmosphere, an ideal service, but at the same time affordable prices.

We are very interested in the staff's feedback on the new form, how do they work in it?

Very cool in this form is that it can be washed and left and in the morning you can just put it on. Working in public catering, when you can have five shifts in a row, the last thing you want to worry about is clothes. Very nice fabric on shirts, special thanks for attention to Nelly when she chose fabric.

Are there any new joint projects in the plans?

СNow the main task for us is to adjust the work of Made In China, to recruit a strong team. We opened on August 4, many interested people. This is for us the first project that is designed for the widest possible audience, and we want the team to cope with the large number of people, and the service will be the highest quality. Our projects WONG KAR WINE and Black China at Baskov are places for friends, for people who know about us.
Concerning the new joint projects, we are always interested in collaborations, there are many ideas, the main thing is to find time for this and to realize all our plans.

Now a little bit about clothes. What are you guided by when you’re creating your wardrobe, what is your favorite NNedre thing?

Favorite thing in the wardrobe is a blank T-shirt from NNEDRE, I bought a lot of it at the one moment. I want to give the minimum amount of time to choose clothes, because there are many other things that require strength. For me, there is nothing more practical than a base t-shirt.
For example, in our cafe for 4 months there was a building and it was necessary to put on something that would be convenient to walk around the ruins. Clothes for me should be universal, most comfortable and easy to care . The last few years I live by the principle of buying clothes that fit everything and I just change it periodically. By the way, there is a big plus that white base t-shirts are always available in your flagship store on Bascov Lane, 29.

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07 June, 2017

Maksim Maksimov is a talented designer, a brand founder of ASKETIK, an old friend of Nnedre and our chief designer Nelly Nnedre. Maksim has a large experience in the design of interior and objects in it. He creates beautiful minimalistic and smart objects which can and should be used to create an order in one’s own space. 

Maksim combined all of these skills into his own project. The brans slogan is “ASKETIK – minimum for maximum”. That’s why when Nelly decided to create and open her own store Nnedre in St. Petersburg. She invited Maksim to collaborate on this project as an interior designer. 

We took a brief interview with Maksim about how it was, by what he was guided during visualizing the project and his subtle attitude to the design and to the clothes as well.

Maksim tell as what did you inspire during creating a project for our store? As I know, this was your first project of this kind.

I’m always interested in creating a whole space, from an interior to a hanger. And I’m grateful for this opportunity and trust. Nnedre is a basic things with thoughtful details. It was logical to reflect the philosophy of the brand in the interior. So the white wall served as the base, and the designed equipment filled the space with details.

Tell us about ASKETIK. What is the main message? How do you see the future development?

ASKETIK is a collection of objects in one style that creates a simple and harmonious reality. The collection is step by step replenished with the most necessary and durable things for home.





Let’s talk about clothes a little. How do you make your wardrobe? What’s your favourite Nnedre thing?

In clothes, I appreciate the naturalness and simplicity of form. The jacket nnedre is universal thing with which we are together for two years. For me, this is sample of the balance of functional and beautiful clothes.

Are there any plans for the future, maybe joint projects?

There are a lot of joint projects in the future. And very soon we’ll run something homely in ASKETIK.

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10 May, 2017
NNedre x Arny Praht
NNedre x Arny Praht

In may, a long-awaited collection of accessories Nnedre&Arny Pratt will come out. Cooperation of these brands became quite logical the availability of the production in st. Petersburg and a similar price segment unite the founders of these brands Nelly Nnedre and Vlad Praht.

Vlad showed samples of materials, one of which became the basis of the future collection - two-color eco-leather. Nelly painted the sketches of the collection, which included four models:

  • One of them - an indispensable belt bag called Dumpi (short for Dumpling)
  • A bag-folder Biz for documents and trifles, which perfectly fits with any other bag.
  • A backpack Obi perhaps, is the most beloved model of designers. It turned out as neat and minimalistic as possible that completely reflects the style of NNedre.
  • The final model is a small bag Toffy for easy walks and dates.

The process of creation was quick and productive. Exclusively professionals works In Any Praht’s team and thanks to that , the samples were worked out in just a few weeks. #After approving all the models, the Nnedre’s team began shooting the cookbook and Army Praht launched the line in production.

We decided to pay attention on the basic models, combining in one collection the most convenient and practical bags. For the beginning, the model will appear only in black and red and gray-silver colors, but in the near future it is planned to expand the color palette.

One of the goals of the project is to show to young designers and brands that working together is not only the creation of a new and high-quality product, but also the exchange of valuable experience and knowledge.

On May 13 the entire collection will appear in the stores Arny Praht and NNedre, as well as on the site www.nnnedre.com.

On the same day in the NNedre shop at Baskovoy per. On February 29, a presentation will take place at which guests will get acquainted and purchase products from the new collection of NNedre & Arny Praht with a glass of champagne.


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05 May, 2017

​​​The last couple of years the designer Nelly Nedre often lectures in various educational institutions (Be-in open, Star-up Women, Fashion Factory school). In addition, the creator of the NNedre brand gives private consultations to young designers, telling about her experience in the field of fashion and helping to think about the business strategy of the young clothing brand.

Since the transfer of the showroom apart from production at Baskov Lane 29, in the working space of NNedre (area 200m2) there was a free room, which the chief designer had thought of reorganizing into the training center.

Last winter we began the formation of a course called BFK by NNedre (Basic Fashion Knowledge by NNedre). In the course of the work, we also got acquainted with the "St. Petersburg Parents" foundation, which helps children from orphanages, including the professional orientation among adolescents.

In April we started with a simple lecture course for teenagers and excursions to the NNedre production. Thus, we tell that any profession in the field of clothing design is quite affordable if you have appetency and perseverance. Part of the funds from the educational course BFK by NNedre will be spent for organizing the educational space so that after the May holidays the children could not only listen to lectures, but also apply knowledge to practice and try to sew something under the supervision of our employees. Now we have a large number of orphanages and young guys who want to try their hands at the profession of designer, it makes us happy because we know how much joy it brings to them.

In the future, we want to develop the idea of an educational course more professionally. Nelly plans to write a scientific paper on the development of light industry and education of young specialists in this field. And our charity course finds feedback among friends from other spheres of activity who also want to launch such practical lessons for teenagers from orphanages.

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